Welcome Kigali

Wir freuen uns sehr, dass die diesjährige Ausgabe von „papergirl zürich“ in Kooperation mit Künstlern aus Ruandas Hauptstadt Kigali stattfinden wird. Nora, eines der Vorstandsmitglieder vom Verein Rührwerk, lebt zur Zeit in Kigali. Sie wird das Projekt in Ruanda zusammen mit einem einheimischen Künstler durchführen.
Hallo Kigali, es ist schön, dass ihr mit dabei seid!


We are excited that this years „papergirl zürich“ will take place in collaboration with artists from Rwanda’s capital city Kigali. Nora, one of the founders of our association, is currently living in Kigali. She will manage the project in Rwanda together with a local artist.
Hello Kigali, we are very happy to have you on board!

Invitation for Kigali

You are asked to participate!

The artists of Kigali are encouraged to be part of the Zürich edition of the world wide movement Papergirl.

Papergirl Zürich 2017 will take place in Zürich, a city in Switzerland in the middle of Europe.

Papergirl is asking artists to create and contribute their artwork to the Papergirl movement. The gathered artwork will be displayed in a 3 days public exhibition in Zürich in September 2017. Afterwards, the artwork will be rolled up and randomly given away for free to strangers on the street.
The distribution is done by bicycle, like the paperboys are distributing the newspaper in the US.
The idea of this movement is to make art avialable to the public in a surprising manner.
We want to bring people in contact with art. With the help of Kigali’s artists we want to give a face to Kigali and share your artwork with the people in Zürich.

The art event Papergirl Zürich is carried out by the non-profit association Verein Ruehrwerk.
We are excited to have you as an artist from Kigali contributing your artwork for our project.

Are you interested about the movement? Would you like to participate?

For your registration, please send us an email to: papergirl@verein-ruehrwerk.ch
Find us on Facebook: Papergirl Zürich
Official Papergirl website (worldwide, in English): papergirlworld.net

An information event will be held in Kigali in May 2017.

We are looking forward to meet you!

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